Exceeding Your Expectations

Giving a Presentation


Emergency Preparedness and Prevention

"Your body can not go where you mind has not been".  No matter your industry, location, or size, we will customize our training to ensure that you and your assets are protected. We specialize in emergency preparedness training which includes active assailant (shooter), bomb, conflict management, security awareness, and workplace violence.

Magnifying Glass


Corporate and Internal Investigation Services

Our staff consists of highly trained corporate and law enforcement investigators.  We've conducted hundreds of investigations to successful conclusions.  Our investigative focus is on grievances, theft, harassment or HR investigations.  With access to trained polygraph examiners we can fit all of your business investigative needs.

Analysing the Numbers


Personalized Security Consulting

It all starts here.  No mater your industry, you have risks. Obtain your security risk score by identifying your vulurnabilies with our Board Certified Physical Security Professionals.  With this assessment we create specific recommendations, training, and procedures to protect all of your assets.

T.I.A. Security Consulting